Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos CA

Your carpet serves you well. It deserves to look and feel its best! Invest in a deep professional cleaning to get the maximum value from your carpet and rugs.

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos
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Quality Carpet Cleaning Services in San Marcos CA

Carpets in your home and workplace absorb a massive amount of dirt and debris due to constant use and high foot traffic. This dirt and grime accumulate deep inside your carpet fibers, which makes it look filthy and dull, affecting the overall appearance of your place. A thorough cleaning by professionals can keep your carpet in its best condition for a long time.

At All Elite Carpet & Floor Care, we provide professional carpet cleaning services in San Marcos and nearby locations. Our revolutionary cleaning methods and green cleaning solutions will effectively remove the accumulated dirt and grime from your carpet and give it a squeaky-clean look.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos
Step 1


Before we start the cleaning process we want to acquire a clear grasp of your expectations and explain to you exactly how we will proceed. We will inspect your carpets to pinpoint heavily soiled areas, high traffic areas and any spots and stains. We will then discuss your specific goals for this cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos
Step 2


When applicable, we use our commercial grade vacuum cleaner to get rid of all loose soil. This ensures that our cleaning solution can properly penetrate the carpet fibers and effectively get rid of all pollutants. If there is loose dirt and dust coating the carpet fibers, our cleaning solution will not be as effective.

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos
Step 3


Now its time to unleash our powerful eco-friendly cleaning solution and let it work its magic on your carpets. We spray your carpets wall to wall with our bio-enzymatic cleaners, giving extra attention to high traffic and soiled areas.

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos
Step 4

CRB Power Scrubbing

When applicable, our Counter Rotating Brush machine enables us to take your carpet to a whole new level of cleanliness by really getting in there and scrubbing the cleaning solution into your carpet fibers. This powerful agitation pulls up soil that would otherwise still remain hidden in your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos
Step 5

Hot Water Extraction & Drying

We use our high-powered truck-mounted equipment to extract as much moisture and pollutants as we can from your carpet and whisk it away – never to be seen again! We then thoroughly dry your carpet using our commercial air movers. We are careful to eliminate as much moisture as possible.

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos
Step 6

Grooming & Final Walk-Through

When applicable, we groom the carpet pile to make it as plush and aesthetically pleasing as possible. We then do a final walk-through where we answer any questions you have, provide you with protective booties, and give you a complete rundown of proper carpet care going forward.

Urine & Pet Stains Treatment

For mild to moderate stains we typically offer topical stain treatment that cleans the surface of the carpet. We use a UV light to identify all stains and we then spray those areas with a cleaning solution that breaks down the organic particles.

For stubborn stains that have become entrenched in your carpet and have reached the carpet backing and subfloor, we usually employ our subsurface treatment to ensure that we extract all the residue. We thoroughly soak the stains with our cleaner, let it sit for a bit, and then extract all the moisture and organic matter with a water claw – a device that pulls moisture and residue from deep within the carpet pile.

Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos
Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos

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Want the Best Care for Your Carpets? Hire us.

All Elite Carpet & Floor Care ensures the deep cleaning of your carpet with the proper care it deserves. We have a team of experienced professionals who will provide you with the most satisfactory and long-lasting cleaning without causing any damage to your carpet. Give us a call today!

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


Rich (r1shard)
Rich (r1shard)
Nicholas was very professional and well informed about the best way to treat and maintain my carpet/rug. The cleaning itself was very well done and so I’ll be sure to reach out again for my next cleaning needs.
Dyan Winship
Dyan Winship
Nick is just amazing! He communicates promptly and does fantastic work. He is professional and personable. Great experience!
Minda Merrow
Minda Merrow
Nick always does an excellent job!!!!
Keely Anson
Keely Anson
Nick went above and beyond to ensure the flooring in our home (tile, wood and carpets) was clean in advance of listing the property for sale. He was highly responsive, communicative, timely and transparent with his pricing every step of the way. He also helped swoop in to get us new carpet where cleaning wouldn't have done the job. Highly recommend.
Joseph Coxen
Joseph Coxen
This is the third time we’ve used Nick to clean an area rug. We have 3 dogs and with all this rain and our awesome dirt (mud) yard, they bring in all the nasty mud. His prices are great, customer service is great, and he does an amazing job. He does such a great job we had him also clean our vehicle carpet and seats!!!! They’ve never been that clean and it smells so much better!!! Thank you All Elite!!!!!!
Denny Bulcao, Jr.
Denny Bulcao, Jr.
Cleaned our outdoor furniture pads really well. Thanks Nicholas!
Great service. Powerful machine used was extremely effective cleaning my mattress and rug. Before and after results were great. I recommend to anyone seeking a cleaning. I will definitely use elite again.
Yolanda Marodi
Yolanda Marodi
I absolutely loved my experience with this company, and Nick! I needed a couch cleaning and Nick came out the same afternoon. He explained the process, showed me before and after during the process, and he protected my rugs and flooring before he started the cleaning. I chose this company from their ratings, and I was not disappointed! I cannot stress enough how careful Nick was to do a great job, very professional and invested in his work, so you can tell he takes pride in his work. I will absolutely use him again, and refer him to everyone I know, his work is the best!!
JT Dennison
JT Dennison
Nick is awesome! He is very hard working and thorough. Our carpet looks great! Very pleased with the results. I highly recommend.
Ronda Guile
Ronda Guile
Nicholas did an amazing job… deep clean, spot clean and my Berber Carpet looks brand new … I am ready for the Holidays…thank you Nick!!!

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