How to Remove Stains From Grout?

May 29, 2024 | Tile & Grout Cleaning

How to Remove Stains From Grout?

The grout surface is rough and porous, making it prone to attract dirt and stains easily. This dull and stained grout between your tiles not only makes the surface look ugly but also damages its structure over time. This makes it crucial to address these stains as early as possible.

However, cleaning grout stains needs special attention and a proven method if you don’t know its practical solutions. In this blog, let’s explore some proven ways to remove stains from grout easily and effectively.

4 Proven Methods To Clean Grout Stains Efficiently

Method 1: Baking Soda And Vinegar

What you will need?

→ Baking Soda
→ Water
→ Vinegar
→ Mixing Bowl
→ Piece of cloth
→ Old Toothbrush or Grout Brush


To get an effective cleaning, start mixing baking soda with water to make thick paste. Apply this paste solution over the grout using an old toothbrush. Next, spray vinegar on the paste to the grout stain and let it sit for a few minutes to work.

Scrub it with the old toothbrush or grout brush to lift the stains. Finally, wipe it out with a fresh cloth and rinse it well with water for a clean and sparkling grout.

Method 2: Dish Soap And Warm Water

What you will need?

→ Dish Shop
→ Warm water
→ Mixing bowl
→ Old toothbrush or scrubber
→ Sponge Or Cloth


The first step is to mix a few drops of dishwashing in a cup of warm water. Apply the solution to the grout stain with a sponge to remove it effortlessly. Next, scrub it with a scrubber or an old toothbrush. Finally, sponge it or rub it with a cloth and rinse it well with fresh water.

Method 3: Commercial Grout Cleaner

What you will need?

→ Commercial Grout Cleaner
→ Scrubber or old toothbrush
→ Cloth or sponge
→ Water


Read the instructions provided on the commercial cleaner properly. Apply and let it settle down for a recommended time. Then rub the stain with an old toothbrush to remove stains. Once stains lift, wipe it up with a cloth or sponge. Rinse the surface well with water.

Method 4: Steam Clean The Stubborn Stains

What you will need?

→ Steam cleaner
→ Water
→ Cleaning Cloth
→ Detergent/ Vinegar(Optional)
→ Scrubbing brush
→ Protective gloves


Start the process with preparation. Prepare the stain spot by removing debris or dust first. Set up the steam cleaner by filling the water in the cleaner tank. You can add a few drops of vinegar for an extra sparkling effect for tough stains.

Clean the grout lines thoroughly with a steam cleaner. Finish it up with gentle mopping and absorb excess moisture using a cleaning cloth.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Grout Clean Safely

→ Tip 1: Always ensure the solutions provided do not create adverse effects. Test them on a small surface first.
→ Tip 2: Use protective gloves to avoid any hazards and infections
→ Tip 3: Old grout is difficult to clean. Always ensure regular cleaning of grout stains.

Say Goodbye To The Stubborn Grout Stains With Us

These methods genuinely work best to remove old or recent grout stains from the tiles. All the ingredients can be easily accessed. Once cleaned, make sure you follow the tips and tricks to maintain clean grout and tiles.

However, in some cases, when it becomes hectic to remove old grout stains or maintain the charm of the grout, professional help can be the best solution ever. Our deep tile and grout cleaning service is just a call away to make your tiles and grout shine like new.

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