Carpet Care Guide By All Elite Experts

Feb 16, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

How to Keep Your Carpets in Top Condition_ A Guide By All Elite Carpet & Floor Care Experts_1

Carpets, when installed on the floorings of your property, give a welcoming look and provide complete warmth and comfort.

As the carpets consist of huge amounts of dust, grime, pet hairs, etc., they become dull and dirty. Thus, it is essential to maintain the beauty and increase the longevity of your carpets by keeping them clean.

In this blog, All Elite Carpet & Floor Care has listed a few expert tips on how to maintain the original and best look of your carpets for the long run. Read out the blog and learn the leads to implement them in keeping the carpets in top condition.

Seven Experts Tips On How To Keep Carpets In Top Condition 

1. Vacuum your carpets regularly

Your carpets experience a lot of dirt, debris, stains, pet hairs, etc., which makes them look filthy and dull. Thus, vacuum your carpets with a soft brush attachment once or twice a week to get rid of these pollutants. 

We suggest you use vacuum cleaners that are suitable for your carpet, or else an incorrect one might damage the carpet fibers. Whenever you buy or rent a vacuum cleaner, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid further damage to carpets.

While vacuuming your carpets, inspect minor as well as major areas of the carpet to ensure that you don’t leave behind any dust and debris. Vacuuming the carpets regularly keeps them clean and increases their life.

2. Treat the spills and stains

Accidental spills by you, your pet, or any family member are very common on the carpets. One of the most effective ways to prevent carpet stains is to address them as soon as possible. If the spills remain unnoticed, they turn to become hard-to-remove stains when dried.

Blot the spills with a clean cloth and avoid rubbing as it may affect the carpet fibers. Prefer using a relevant cleaning solution to remove the stains in order to protect your carpets from additional damage

We advise you to perform a patch test in a not-so-visible area to test whether the solution is suitable and leads to no discoloration or damage. Steer clear of consuming food, beverages, or both on the carpets, as you might unknowingly drop something on them. Avoiding this will prevent spills and stains.

3. Trim the snags

Due to the regular wear and tear and over time use, you will see loose threads or fibers coming out from the carpets. Our experts suggest avoiding pulling those fibers and instead using a pair of scissors to cut them and prevent further harm to the carpets. Regular proper grooming also helps you to trim the loose snags from the carpet.

4. Implement a No-shoe policy and place doormats

Due to high foot traffic, the carpets get dull and dirty quickly. Thus, we advise you to implement a no-shoe policy or place doormats at the entrances. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from entering your property and keep the carpets clean for the long run.

When anyone enters your place, ask them to remove the shoes outside to avoid the accumulation of dirt and moisture that comes out of the footwear.

Place doormats and ask the guests to wipe their feet before coming in. This will assist in ultimately reducing the dust particles and protecting the carpets from getting dull and dirty.

5. Move the furniture to prevent dents

Protect your carpet from furniture dents by moving the furniture from one place to another. This is because heavy furniture leads to indentations on the carpet when it is in the same place for a long time.

Keep rotating your furniture to split the weight equally on each area of the carpet and prevent dents. We recommend you place furniture pads underneath the legs of the furniture to avoid scratches while sliding from one place to another. This will also help you with less wear and tear on your carpet and maintain the same condition as it was before.

Treat the dents on the carpets by either using ice cubes or a damp towel. Place the ice cubes on the dent and let it melt. Blot the surface with a clean cloth. Dry them out and fluff the carpet fibers by using your fingers or spoon, and get them to their original state.

If you want to use a damp towel, then place it on the affected part and move the iron (with low temp or steam setting) along the damp towel. Make sure that you don’t touch the carpet as it may burn out. As soon as the surface becomes even, fluff the carpet fibers.

6. Remove excess moisture and use carpet protectors

When you perform various cleaning processes, just be sure to dry the carpets thoroughly. If you fail to remove water or any solution from the carpets, then it will build up moisture.

Excessive moisture leads to the growth of molds and mildew which eventually damages the carpets. Thus, allow good ventilation and dry the carpets properly. You can also use carpet protectors to prevent your carpets from greater impairment.

7. Hire a professional cleaning service

Even if you perform regular vacuuming, trimming, spot cleaning, and many such processes to remove dust, debris, stains, and odors, you must still hire a professional carpet cleaning service like ours. 

Our experts perform all the cleaning methods that are appropriate for your carpet type. They perform deep cleaning that eliminates the dirt, grime, allergens, and germs from the carpet without causing any damage. 

Professionals use the latest tools and techniques, which help in cleaning and maintaining the carpets and expand their life. The professionals at All Elite Carpet & Floor Care recommend you have the carpets deep cleaned once or twice every year. 

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