Essential Tips To Maintain Beautiful Tiles In San Marcos

Mar 15, 2024 | Tile & Grout Cleaning

Maintaining Beautiful Tiles: Essential Tips for San Marcos Residents

Sparkling floors never fail to boost the aesthetics of San Marcos homes. While feeling the smooth and shiny tiled surfaces under your feet is pleasant, maintaining that shine demands some effort. All Elite Carpet & Floor Care has brought some expert tips to maintain your floors and tiled surfaces to keep their beauty intact.

6 Expert Tips To Maintain Your Beautiful Tiles

1. Sweep, Scrub, & Mop Regularly

If there is one way to keep your tiles looking the best, it would be regular cleaning. Make sure you sweep your floors and mop them with warm water on a daily basis to avoid the collection of dirt. Also, give the grout lines a regular scrub with a gentle brush to prevent it from collecting grime.

And while you mop and clean, we advise changing the mop water frequently and rinsing the mophead before reusing it for another room. This will prevent the transfer of dirt and germs across surfaces and allow proper cleaning.

2. Avoid Harsh & Abrasive Cleaning

Wrong and abrasive cleaners are the biggest enemies of your tiles’ lifespan. Our experts suggest avoiding harsh cleaners like acids, bleach, or ammonia. They can dilute the grout’s cement, cause discoloration, and end up etching your beautiful tiles, reducing their lifespan.

Always use pH-neutral, tile-safe cleaners that do not cause damage. Read the product directions and use adequate amounts of solution. Ensure to rinse it well to avoid leaving residue.

Additionally, you should also avoid cleaning with abrasive and rough materials. Using steel wool and hard brushes can scratch your tiled surface.

3. Allow Proper Drying And Ventilation

Allowing moisture to build up on your floors can cause chances of mold and mildew to grow. (This is one of the signs it’s time for tile and grout cleaning.) Make sure you dry your floors thoroughly and provide proper ventilation to tiled surfaces. This is especially needed in high-moisture areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

As an additional step, you can use a squeegee to wipe out excess water from the restrooms after every use. Doing so will help keep them clean and dry, even in the dampest of weather in San Marcos.

4. Seal Your Tiles And Grout

With regular usage, spills, and cleaning, the sealant on your tiles and grout begins to wear off. Due to this, stains and water can enter the pores and start to build up.

Unless you have porcelain or ceramic tiles or epoxy grout, your floors will need resealing at regular intervals to maintain their shine and stay protected from wear and tear. We recommend sealing your tiles and grout every year with an appropriate sealant.

5. Place Mats On Floors And Entrances

You can protect your floors from excessive dirt by placing non-slip mats in high-traffic areas and entrances. These will catch the dirt and debris and prevent it from being dragged across your tiles.

6. Call Professionals For Deep Cleaning

Along with routine cleaning and mopping, it is essential to deep clean your floors to maintain their shine. Call our tile and grout cleaning pros to give a rejuvenating, thorough clean-up to your tiles and grout at least once a year.

Our skilled technicians in San Marcos, CA use the best-suited and safest cleaners to bring your floors to life and extend their lifespan.

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