Upholstery Cleaning

There’s a world of a difference between a worn and stained piece of furniture and the freshly cleaned upgraded version. It almost looks completely new. If you have any upholstered furniture that can use a makeover, a professional deep cleaning might be exactly what you need.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process



Before we start the cleaning process we want to acquire a clear grasp of your expectations and explain to you exactly how we will proceed. We will inspect your upholstery to pinpoint heavily soiled areas, very worn areas and any spots and stains. We will then discuss your specific goals for this cleaning process.



Now its time to unleash our powerful eco-friendly cleaning solution and let it work its magic on your upholstery. We spray your upholstery from top to bottom with our bio-enzymatic cleaner, giving extra attention to highly soiled areas.


Hot Water Extraction & Drying

We use our high-powered truck-mounted equipment to extract all the moisture and pollutants from your upholstery and whisk it away – never to be seen again! We then thoroughly dry your furniture using our commercial air movers. We are careful to eliminate as much moisture as possible.


Grooming (When Applicable) & Final Walk-Through

When applicable, we groom your upholstery to make it as elegant and aesthetically pleasing as possible. We then do a final walk-through where we answer any questions you have and give you a complete rundown of proper upholstery care going forward.

Upholstery Protectant

What is upholstery protectant and why would you want it? Upholstery protectant acts like a stain guard for your furniture. When you purchased your furniture, it likely came with a factory finish that served as a protectant. After regular use, the protectant wears off and your furniture becomes vulnerable to stains and damage. We can restore that protective layer and make sure your furniture serves you well for years to come.

Another perk of upholstery protectant is ease of cleanliness. Since the protectant prevents soil, oils, and stains from attaching to the upholstery fibers, you can simply wipe up any spills or gunk without worrying about leaving a residue. Upholstery protectant also changes the surface tension of the fabric, ensuring that there is a time lag from when something spills on your furniture until it becomes embeded in the upholstery. This allows you to clean up the spill before it turns ugly.


*In-house estimate required.

3 seater sofa

3 cushion sofa deep cleaned UP TO 7 LINEAR FEET

Love Seat

Love seat sofa deep cleaned. UP TO 5 LINEAR FEET

Sectional Couch

L-Shape, 2 seaters with a chaise attached. UP TO 11 LINEAR FEET

Sectional Couch

L-Shape, 3 seaters with a chaise attached. UP TO 14 LINEAR FEET

Sectional Couch

Large U-Shape or C-Shape. UP TO 19 LINEAR FEET


Recliner Chair Deep Cleaned

Small Ottoman

Steam Clean & Disinfect

Large Ottoman

Steam Clean & Disinfect

Dining Room Chair

Steam Clean seat & back of dining room chair

Dining room Chair (SEAT ONLY)

Steam Clean Seat Only of Dining Room Chair

Mattress Cleaning

Twin Size Mattress

Steam Clean & Disinfect Twin Size Mattress

Full Size Mattress

Steam Clean & Disinfect Full-Size Mattress

Queen Size Mattress

Steam Clean & Disinfect Queen Size Mattress

King Sized Mattress

Steam Clean & Disinfect King Size Mattress

Cal King Sized Mattress

Steam Clean & Disinfect Cal King Size Mattress

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Do you miss that plush, fresh feeling you used to have when you walked barefoot on your carpet? We can give that back to you! We will use our highly effective cleaning machinery, stain removal methods, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to unearth all the soil hiding in your carpet fibers and flush it away - leaving you with a fluffy and pleasant-smelling carpet.

Additional Cleaning Services


Tile & Grout Cleaning

When sparkling clean, tile and grout gives off a classy and sophisticated impression. But, unfortunately it is a hotbed for grease, dust, dirt and other pollutants. If you have tile and grout that was once glorious but is now covered in muck, allow us to step in and restore them to their former glory.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer all our residential services for commercial spaces as well. Give your workspace an upgrade by setting up an annual, monthly, or bimonthly maintenance plan. A hygienic and appealing work environment will have a positive effect on employee productivity and attract more customers.

Flood Damage

Burst pipes, leaks, and other sources of unwanted water can cause a whole lot of damage to your walls, furniture and floors. If left untreated for more than 72 hours, microbial growth may develop. Call us as soon as you spot any water damage for our flood restoration and mold remediation services.

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Nick came in on short notice and did an excellent job on my carpet and area rug. Best they've looked in ages. For the past several years I've used one of the big chain carpet cleaning companies, but from now on I'll be calling Nick. I love his work ethic and mantra that customer satisfaction is always more important that the profit. I've already given him a shout out to family and friends.

Jacqui Castro


We just had Nicholas come and clean our carpets in about 3.5 rooms as well as clean our huge white '12 x '11 area rug. Previously, I had cleaned the area rug using those Rug Doctor units from the grocery store and I couldn't get it to look CLEAN. Nicholas did a fantastic job...the rug looks great like we just bought a new one! Also, our carpeting is about 9 years old...now it looks great again! Thumbs up! Would recommend...very professional, responsive, and was available on short notice!

Jerry Puorro Jr.


Seriously a great company to use! I am a returning customer and I am always impressed by the detail of his work and the amazing price! Always makes sure you are informed and are satisfied. I will continue to recommend them to anyone I know that needs carpet cleaning. Very happy with their work and reliability.

Robert Weigand

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